Wash Options 

We offer two levels of wash at Fyshwick Car & Dog Wash. During staffed hours we even prep your car for you before you enter the laser wash! 7am-6pm weekdays and 8am-6pm on the weekends. (staffed are seasonal and may vary)

Standard level wash options 
These include the Extreme, Deluxe and Express wash options and are available 24/7. Prices start at $17 for the Express, $22 for Deluxe and $25 for Extreme. We highly encourage our customers to come during trading hours so we can prep the car and ensure it is 100% clean. 

Platinum Level wash options 

These are our Express Detailing packages and are only available during work hours Monday to Sunday 8-6pm. These options range from a hand waxing to rims polishing. All packages take no more than 15minutes. 

platinum wash
standard wash
Self wash bays
Fyshwick Car & Dog Wash
Fyshwick Car & Dog Wash